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The New gTLD Program feedback period is part of the New gTLD Program and allows you to:

Feedback submitted will be available for public viewing in the View Feedback section of this Forum, and will be reviewed by the New gTLD team as part of continuous improvement efforts.

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To submit feedback, you must first create a user account using the form on this page. New gTLD Application Comments credentials may also be used to submit feedback in this Forum. TAS and New gTLD Customer Service login credentials are not valid on the New gTLD Program Feedback Forum.

Feedback submitted on this Forum should not relate to any specific New gTLD application, and will play no part in the evaluation or objection process of an application. If you wish to make a comment on an application, please use the Application Comment Forum.

Feedback submitted here will not be summarized, analyzed, or forwarded to evaluation panels/dispute resolution service providers.

Additional ways to participate

To provide comments on New gTLD applications, please visit the New gTLD Application Comment Forum.

To provide comments regarding ICANN's policy development, implementation, and operational processes, please visit the ICANN Public Comment Forum.


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