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Project dotVinum

Project dotVinum

June Station, LLC



String Similarity Evaluation Panel

Wine strings in multiple languages

22 August 2012 at 09:01:00 UTC

Project dotVinum was launched in 2009 and started to promote a new wine identity focused on the creation of 3 strings: .vin - .wine and .vino and to develop domain names for the wine industry. The web site is available at for more information.

Two applications were submitted for wine related new generic Top-Level Domains: one is for the English word “wine”. The other one is for the French word: “vin”.

It is essential for Registrants to be able to register the same domain name in two languages at the same time if required by them. Not doing this would open the door to possible bad behaviors (cybersquatting for example).

Allowing two different applicants to manage 2 exact same strings but in different languages would also create a lot of confusion if:

1 Rules to register a domain name were different;

2 Registries were not launched at the same time.

For these 2 reasons, Jean Guillon from Project dotVinum supports the applications from Donuts for .WINE and .VIN new generic Top-Level Domains.