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Timothy Ellam

International Amateur radio Union

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)




Support for the Radio TLD

10 August 2012 at 17:00:52 UTC

Mr. Steve Crocker

Chairman of the Board

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Dear Mr. Crocker,

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) welcomes dot-radio, the Internet Top Level domain that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) proposes to create for the global radio community.

Created in Paris, France, the IARU has been the watchdog and spokesman for the world Amateur Radio community since 1925 and counts with over 160 members from many different countries and territories.

The IARU believes that the dot-radio proposal to be submitted by the EBU could provide an unique opportunity to standardize Radio domain names on the Internet. The use of a specific global online name such as dot-radio can help create a unique space worldwide, a place where the global radio community can gather.

In my capacity as the IARU President, I recommend that the dot-radio Top Level Domain proposal of the EBU be approved by ICANN.


Timothy S Ellam


International Amateur radio Union