Application Comment Details


Patrick A Trueman

Morality in Media

ICM Registry SX LLC



String Similarity Evaluation Panel


9 July 2012 at 20:43:57 UTC

When ICM Registry submitted plans for an .XXX domain, the company had to fight for years to obtain this domain because countries around the world, the public, and even the porn industry itself demonstrated great opposition to it. Yet, we were told that such a domain would protect children and others who do not want to view pornography, as the .xxx would be the place where all Internet porn sites would locate. Other reasons were given as well but none could overcome the fact that porn harms and the establishment of a porn domain on the Internet could bring only more harm to millions.

The world is suffering an untreated pandemic of harm from pornography. These harms fall particularly hard on children, leading to damage of brain function, life-long addictions, inability to form healthy relationships, early and frequent sexual activity, isolation and depression, and family dysfunction. However, the effects of this pandemic reach untold millions of adults as well. Harms to adults include sexual and substance abuse, addictions, infidelity and divorce, increased prostitution and sex trafficking, violence against women, financial instability increased demand for child pornography, and child sexual abuse, and the list continues. Pornography’s inherent objectification of women and children for sexual pleasure has been proven to rewire the brain, and ultimately tears at the world’s social fabric by defining down what is decent and right in our culture. Additional reference material can be found at

During the years of this fight against the .xxx domain, we said many times that the establishment of a .xxx domain would increase, not decrease the spread of pornography on the Internet, causing even more harm to children, families and communities, and make ICANN complicit in that harm. That prediction has been fulfilled because the porn sites on the .com domain have not vacated the .com and moved to .xxx. Rather, as we have seen, the .xxx has just added thousand of additional porn sites on the Internet and .com porn sites stayed put. ICANN bears responsibility for this. The .xxx was not needed.

Furthermore, many companies, universities and colleges, individuals, and other entities bought protection on the .xxx domain from ICM Registry to prevent their good names from being purchased by pornographers and cyber squatters.

Now, ICM Registry seeks to establish three new porn domains, .adult, .sex, and .porn. What is the need for these new domains? Just like the .xxx domain, these will add thousands of new porn sites on the Internet.

Why have new domains that are so similar to the .xxx domain? That is not in the public interest. No one is clamoring for more Internet porn sites and ICANN must not allow the establishment of these domains. It is also likely that ICM Registry will seek to sell "protection" to the same companies, universities, individuals, and other entities to protect their good names from being tarnished by these new domains. Others who feel that their names might be threatened by these new domains may also feel the need to by such "protection."

We urge you to decline to establish an "SEX" domain.