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Dave Daubert

Zion Lutheran Church

Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication)



Limited Public Interest Objection Ground

Do Not Approve This Request

9 July 2012 at 02:55:40 UTC

The applicant has requested exclusive use of the word catholic in domain names. As an ordained Lutheran pastor, I find this to be an offensive request by the Roman Catholic Church. As one of millions of Christian who every Sunday use the Apostles' Creed and say that we are a part of the "one holy catholic and apostolic church" the term "catholic" does not belong to any one denomination or group. If the Roman Catholic Church wants exclusive rights to its claim as the "Roman Catholic" church then that is one thing. But the word catholic comes from the Greek word "catholicos" and means "universal." There is no sense in which other groups who are also catholic Christians should be prohibited from using the term "catholic" in web domains as well. Catholic Christians include Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, United Methodists and many other groups - not just "Roman Catholics." This request is a move by a powerful group to try to squelch the voices and rights of other Christians. Please DO NOT approve this request. It is a poor and somewhat unethical request. Thanks for listening.