Welcome to the New gTLD Application Comments Forum

The application comment window closed on 26 September 2012. However, the Application Comment Forum will remain open for the duration of the new gTLD program. Comments may still be submitted and will be displayed in the View Comments section of the Forum.

The application comment period is part of the New gTLD Program and allows you to:

Submit comments

To submit a comment, you must first create a user account using the form on this page. ICANN Portal login credentials are not valid on the Application Comment Forum.

Comments for evaluation panels - Comments may be submitted on any active New gTLD application. Comments directed to the evaluation panels and submitted between 13 June 2012 and 26 September 2012 were forwarded to the evaluation panels to review and consider as part of the application's evaluations. Comments submitted outside of this period were forwarded to Community Priority Evaluation panel during their reviews. In addition, comments will be available for public viewing in the View Comments section of this Forum.

Comments on objection grounds - On this forum, you may also submit comments on any application on the basis of one of the four available objection grounds (string confusion, legal rights, limited public interest, community) specified in the Applicant Guidebook. Comments directed to objection grounds WILL NOT be considered as formal objections and WILL NOT by themselves block an application from being evaluated. Formal objections were required to be lodged directly with a dispute resolution service provider following the process outlined in Module 3 of the Applicant Guidebook. Comments made in this Forum and directed to objection grounds were available in the View Comments section of the Forum for viewing by the public, independent objector, and dispute resolution service providers. Any comments directed to the Community and Limited Public Interest objection grounds, and submitted prior to the close of the objection period were forwarded to the Independent Objector (NOTE: an application comment is not considered a formal objection. See https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/objection-dispute-resolution for more information on objections.)

Other Comments - Comments not intended to be directed to an evaluation panel or objection ground can be made under the "Other" category. Please note that comments directed to this category will not be summarized, analyzed, or sent to the evaluation panels, and will play no part in the evaluation process of an application. They will be available for public viewing in the View Comments section of this Forum.

Additional ways to participate

To provide feedback on the New gTLD Program, please send your comments to ICANN Global Support at globalsupport@icann.org.

To provide comment regarding ICANN's policy development, implementation, and operational processes, please visit the ICANN Public Comment Forum.


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