Application Comment Details

Ching Chiiao
Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.
Limited Public Interest Objection Ground
Conditionally support this gTLD
13 August 2012 at 04:43:36 UTC

I'd like echo Hiro Hotta's comment on this gTLD string. This applied-for IDN string is equivalent to the ".gov" gTLD. I'd only support the establishment of this TLD only if government(s) around the world which use Chinese as official language, or the ccTLD operator which provides .gov.cctld / go.cctld, agree or have no objection to support this gTLD application.

I however have no doubt that TWNIC is a qualified back-end TLD operator for this gTLD and is serving the best interest of the Internet community in Taiwan and globally.

(I am speaking on my own behalf and does not represent views of any ICANN SO / SG that I am participating or the company that I am directly or indirectly related to).