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Tom Heibel


Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication)



Community Objection Ground

Faithful Roman Catholics Need Not Apply

27 September 2015 at 06:04:11 UTC

While the comments I've read regarding the Holy Roman Catholic Church's authority to use the gTLD .catholic are entirely invalid, the real trouble lies in the monopoly control of such a powerful TLD.

It is true that all others claiming to be Catholic came at least 1,200 years after the formation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and therefore they have no legitimate objection, the real trouble lies with the clergy inside the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis will wrap up his first visit to the United States, and throughout his entire visit, he rarely mentioned the saving grace that comes from the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He merely mimicked the political talking heads of our times, and barely hinted at the saving grace of scripture.

This TLD must be controlled by lay Catholics to keep the Catholic clergy in check. Otherwise, the clergy themselves will subvert the teachings of Christ. When the PCCS wants to promote the "gay" agenda within the Catholic community, an abomination to God, the lay Catholics must have a voting power and authority to reject or control any .catholic TLD that seeks to promote heresy. Unfortunately, the root of many heresies come from the Catholic clergy themselves.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church is the One, True, Faith and the Church itself was ordained by Jesus Christ directly. All other religions are false. They are simply man-made community organizations with no hope of salvation.

This brings me to my last point. It is the salvation of souls, and ONLY the salvation of souls that matter here. Only the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and it's faithful members, clergy included, will be granted access to Heaven. All others are condemned, and all others have no rights to this TLD.

Lay Catholics must be a part of the checks and balances for such a powerful TLD. After all, you're authorizing a TLD that will form the consciences of more than 1.2 Billion people on the planet. Deo Gratias!