Application Comment Details


Abraham Brummer


DotMusic Limited



Community Evaluation Panel

Support for .MUSIC community Applicant

12 August 2015 at 00:29:28 UTC

I am a Music Community member supporting the .MUSIC Community application because DotMusic:

- developed its Mission and Registration Policies using Community feedback collected in its public global communication outreach campaign launched in 2008, which gave the Community extensive opportunities to engage (e.g. via events, meetings, social media or public comments);

- follows unified principles that the entire Community subscribes to, such as creating a trusted identifier and safe haven for music consumption, protecting musicians’ rights and intellectual property, fighting copyright infringement/piracy, supporting fair compensation and music education, and following a multi-stakeholder approach of representation of all types of global music constituents without discrimination;

- is supported by relevant organizations with members representing over 95% of music consumed globally, including entities mainly dedicated to the Community (IFPI, FIM, ICMP, IFACCA, IAMIC, ISME, A2IM, WIN, NAMM & others);

- is the only applicant without a Community Objection or any relevant, substantiated opposition;

- “uses clear, organized, consistent and interrelated criteria to demonstrate Community Establishment…aligned with [its] community-based Purpose” and upholds its Community definition (“strictly delineated and organized community of individuals, organizations and business, a logical alliance of communities of similar nature that relate to music”) “encompassing global reaching commercial, non-commercial stakeholders and amateur stakeholders;”

- has safeguards to increase trust, protect copyright and prevent cybersquatting, including: restricting eligibility to Community members with the requisite Community awareness without discrimination; only allowing legal music content and usage; no parking pages; stopping domain hopping; anti-piracy takedown policies; authorization provisions; permanent blocks; privacy/proxy provisions; true name/address mandates; trusted sender complaints; registrant validation via 2-step phone & email authentication; a limited priority phase for members belonging to Music Community Member Organizations; naming conditions only allowing name, acronym or DBA registration; a music Globally Protected Marks List;

- has proactive & reactive enforcement, such as zone screening, crowdsourced enforcement & random compliance checks, with appropriate appeals mechanisms to fix compliance cases under its .MUSIC Policy & Copyright Infringement Dispute Resolution Process (MPCIDRP) including independent dispute resolution via NAF;

“Music” is recognized by ICANN and GAC as a regulated sector, comprised of a logical alliance of interdependent communities relating to music with organized practices and institutions that enable and regulate the production, distribution and consumption of music. As such, the string is aligned with DotMusic’s Community definition (“a strictly delineated and organized community of individuals, organizations and business, a logical alliance of communities of similar nature that relate to music”). Its Nexus also matches the .MUSIC string because it represents the Community and allows all constituents to register a .MUSIC domain without any conflict of interests, over-reaching or discrimination.

DotMusic clearly exceeds the CPE criteria, has provided music-tailored Public Interest Commitments, and responsibly serves a higher purpose to fulfill the Community’s needs and legitimate interests.