Application Comment Details

Constantine Roussos
.MUSIC (DotMusic Limited)
DotMusic Limited
Technical & Operational Capability Evaluation Panel
Response to RIAA Enhanced Safeguards
26 September 2012 at 23:35:25 UTC

We echo the comments of the RIAA. A .music gTLD must be launched in the most responsible manner to protect the music community, copyright holders and IP using enhanced safeguards that go beyond ICANN IP protection mechanisms.

Through our public meetings ( and interactions with the global music community, we have incorporated the most enhanced safeguards of any .music applicant and will continue to develop more technology to further thwart piracy and enable stronger copyright protection.

Our safeguards cover those given by Coalition of Online Accountability including:

a) WHOIS Verification System to verify WHOIS accuracy in the form of email and phone authentication of registrants.

b) Certification by Registrant that the domain name will be used only for licensed, legitimate activities, and not to facilitate piracy

c) Rightsholder Complaint Mechanism that certification is being violated or that piracy or other abuses are being enabled. Complaints trigger registry and registrar investigations, with prompt notice to registrants, a reasonable opportunity for them to respond, and corrective action will take place in the case of violations

d) Auditing Mechanism that certification is being respected with appropriate remediation steps following when violations are detected.

e) Negative consequences for registrants who violate certification, allow infringing activities, conduct abusive behavior and falsify registrant contact and WHOIS data.

f) Rotating multi-stakeholder board of neutral and fair representation of all music constituents, including commercial and non-commercial entities

We are the ONLY .music applicant that includes:

(i) Names Selection Policy to ensure only music-related names are registered as domains under .MUSIC, with the following restrictions: (1) A name of (entire or portion of) the musician, band, company, organization, e.g. the registrants “doing business as” name (2) An acronym representing the registrant (3) A name that recognizes or generally describes the registrant, or (4) A name related to the mission or activities of the registrant. This policy is central to preventing cybersquatting and not allowing illegitimate 3rd-parties from registering others’ names

(ii) Music-dedicated Usage Policy that ensures usage and content only relate to music activities. This raises the quality level of .music domains and ensures that non-music related content, such as pornography, is not acceptable

(iii) Dedicated Music Policy and Copyright Infringement Dispute Resolution Policy (MPCIDRP)

(iv) Globally Protected Marks List that includes RIAA-certified platinum artists/bands and globally-recognized music brands

(v) Random compliance audits

(vi) Registrant validation and authentication of email and phone

We are also developing further safeguard enhancements in the form of content theft protection mechanisms such as content crawling and fingerprinting technology that will be used in conjunction with our premium channels and song registry as described in our application.

The primary objective of our enhanced safeguards is to improve user experience in terms of providing higher quality, legal music-focused destinations and to ensure that .music becomes a haven for legal consumption where monies flow to the music community not pirates or illegitimate sites.