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Bedrich Moldan
DotGreen Community, Inc.
Registry Services Evaluation Panel
Support for DotGreen Community, Inc.
26 September 2012 at 19:45:28 UTC

I am Professor Bedřich Moldan, the Premier Minister of the Environment for

the Czech Republic and former Senator of the Parliament of the Czech

Republic (2004-2010). I have spent a lifetime working in sustainable

development and scientific environmental concerns and have been a long time

Nature Science Faculty member of The Charles University in Prague.

Recently I was elected Vice-chair of the Bureau for the Preparatory Process

of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, representing the Eastern

European States Group. I have spent more than a decade as a member and

Chairman (2002 -2004) of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and

for three years was coordinating lead author of a part of the Millennium

Ecosystem Assessment. I am an adviser to the Prince of Monaco, Albert II

since 2006.

I am writing in support of the DotGreen Community Inc. application for

.GREEN. I met with Ms. Annalisa Roger, the Founder of DotGreen and her

team in my country where we spoke of sustainability for the planet and the

DotGreen project. I have first hand knowledge of the type of Green efforts

and activities that DotGreen Community, Inc. takes part in as they were

very active in Prague earlier this year in their reach-out to the Green

Community during the ICANN meeting. It's obvious to me from that week and

also from reading their application along with the other 3 applicants, that

DotGreen Community, Inc. is the one and only applicant that will truly use

.GREEN to appropriately and passionately bring together the global and

expanding Green movement with the ever-changing Internet via their

carefully laid out plans for .GREEN.

In addition, they are the only applicant to use a portion of the revenue

from every .GREEN domain name to contribute the the non-profit DotGreen

Foundation (in partnership with EarthShare) to advance Green and

Sustainability projects internationally.

Green and all that's about, needed, and being discussed around the world

truly belongs to the people. DotGreen Community, Inc.'s plans are

inclusiveness and focus on the environmental, social and economic aspects

of .GREEN which makes them the logical choice to operate this truly

critical resource. I urge ICANN to award .green to the DotGreen Community,


Thank you for the opportunity to participate and submit my comments.

Professor Bedřich Modan